Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dry land is not a myth!

Afternoon all!
Haven't blogged for a while coz I've been busy busy busy! But I've got a bit of time to chill now so here we go!

A couple of weeks ago it started to rain. And it rained. And it rained. And it rained! And when I got to work at 7am-ish on Tuesday 25th of September I found that it had flooded! In fact there was a fair amount of flooding around Durham!

That on the left there is the river Wear and that on the right is supposed to be the road next the the river Wear.... And as you can see some poor sod left their car parked there. That car became pretty famous actually, it was on the news and everything! Unfortunately after work that day I had to walk home (due to the buses being delayed coz of road closures). So that was nice, a two mile hike up a steep hill in the pouring rain unable to use my umbrella coz of the 10 force gale that decided to pick up. Nice. Suffice to say I took the following day off work as a days holiday....

I did use my days holiday wisely though as I completed a rather random order of baubles for someone...

Westie Bauble!

Cow Bauble!

Fish Bauble!

Dog (white&tan) Bauble!

Tabby Cat Bauble!

Dog (grey) Bauble!

All packed and ready to go!

I also decided a few weeks ago that I should start doing more portraits again. I haven't really done any for a long time and quite frankly it's something that I'm good at doing so just seems like a waste that it's not getting done! So once I'd finished Helen's baubles I started work on my first portrait (of many) which is a portrait of Bane, played by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises. Very interesting to do, but my word that mask took a while! Anyhoo just finished it today....

It's A3, done in graphite and ink. Hope you all like it!

That's me done for today, gonna chill with a cup of tea!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend all!
Gem xxx

P.S. Went out for a meal last friday with my work mates as two of our team were leaving, and had a lasagne with mashed potato in. Mashed potato??? In a lasagne??? What's all that about???

P.P.S. First episode of Red Dwarf X was awesome, and Chris Barrie/Rimmer can still make me come over all unnecessary....STILL.....after 20 odd years!

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