Saturday, 6 July 2013


Greetings peoples,

Just to let everyone know if you have arrived here at this blog to find updates on Moonlight Gems Art I would like to divert you to -

- you will find all updates at the above address from now on :)


Saturday, 23 February 2013

If you castrated a Glow Worm, would it be delighted?

Ah happy Saturday friends!

Snowing here again unfortunately! Had to go out in it this morning to buy a canvas, came back looking like a snowman! Still, happy and warm now.

I finished my latest portrait today, a bit of a surprise one really of the lovely Dawn French. I'm not particularly a huge fan of hers (not that I dislike her or anything) but I stumbled across a photo of her and she just looked so pretty that I figured I had to draw her!

Anyway, here she is...

"Instead you got a babe with a bob cut and a magnificent bosom"

I may be taking a brief break from my portraits right now to do a painting based on my favourite song by The Smiths (random I know but I got the urge!) but once that is complete I shall be returning to my good old people capturing again!

Do enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!
Gem xxx

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It's a stud sir, and I don't mean the earring...

Hello hello, merry Tuesday all!

Well I was about to start doing a Jack Nicholson portrait last week but for some reason I couldn't force myself to get in to gear, so I kind of sat, and waited, and sat a bit more, and waited a bit more, but I just couldn't bring myself to start. BUT THEN! On Sunday night I suddenly felt the urge to start my James Buckley portrait (finally) and, having continuously put it off, I actually finished this portrait quicker than any other! So, here he is...

"A cow, it charged at me, so I had to knock it out. One punch."

Everyone probably knows James Buckley best as Jay Cartwright from The Inbetweeners, and who doesn't like The Inbetweeners right? Don't really know who to do next, was thinking about Morrissey since I seem to be listening to The Smiths a lot at the moment, but we'll see....

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday all!
Gem xxx

P.S. Happy Valentine's day for Thursday!

P.P.S. I'm off work til Friday, wooooooooooo!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Bring me sunshine....

Evening peoples! 
Hope everyone is having a happy Monday! The weather's awful here, people keep blowing away down the street!

Well I've done it again and not done the portrait I was going to do, but have in fact done another! Instead, I have done the lovely lovely lovely Morecambe and Wise, who are an absolute pleasure to look at while I drew them :)

Anyway, here they are - 

"Bring me fun, bring me sunshine, bring me love"

I don't think you can help but smile when you look at these two happy faces really can you? :) 

I'm not sure who I'm doing next so watch this space!

Enjoy the rest of your evening all! and if you live in the North East of England, don't go outside, the wind's lethal!
Gem xxx  

Saturday, 19 January 2013

It's cold outside....

Happy Saturday all!

I know in my last blog I said my next  portrait was (probably) going to be James Buckley, but having asked people if they thought I should do a portrait of the ever lovely Chris Barrie the response was so enthusiastic I felt I had to do that one right away!

That kind of breaks an art rule of mine actually - never draw a person that you fancy. It's a rule I have always stuck to as I think it is far harder to be satisfied with your work if you are attracted to the subject matter! But since Red Dwarf X came out I noticed a sudden influx of Chris Barrie fandom resurfacing and floating around and thought I'd maybe give him go! (Oo er missus!) So after twenty odd years of fancying the man my rules went flying out the window!

Anyway here he is in all his beautiful glory-

"I'm dead, I'm composed entirely of light, and I'm alone in space with a man who'd lose a battle of wits with a stuffed iguana...Where's the brightside???" - Arnold J. Rimmer

Well now isn't he just gorgeous?! Anyway, next portrait, I'm pretty sure will be James Buckley so I shall see you all next time! 

Enjoy your weekend!
Gem xxx 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

We have such sights to show you!

Morning all!

Hope everyone had a good New Year! Just a quick little blog today as I have finished my latest portrait of the gorgeous Clive Barker! I decided since everyone seems to do more present portraits of the lovely Mr Barker that I would do one of him in his younger days (and looking good I must say! ♥) Anyway, here he is.....

Human dreams...such fertile grounds for the seeds of torment

No time to waste, straight on to the next one, which I think will be The Inbetweeners' James Buckley...We shall see!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend all! 
Gem xxx

Monday, 31 December 2012

Our day will come...and we'll have everything!

Happy New Year's Eve one and all!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! Mine was nice and quiet with lots of food, just the way I like it!

Haven't done a great deal since Christmas, just chilled, eaten and enjoyed being off work! Although I have today just finished my latest portrait which is of the late great Ms Amy Winehouse. I've wanted to do a portrait of Amy Winehouse for years as she had the most fascinating face (from an artistic point of view) but I never got round to doing it, and I didn't want to do one round the time she passed away as I didn't want to give the impression that that was the reason that I was doing it, because she had died.

Anyway, here she is....

"You don't owe nothing to me, but to walk away, I have no capacity"

She really was a stunning looking woman before her unfortunate lifestyle took hold (no disrespect meant, I still think se was beautiful right up til the end, but obviously there's only so much a body can take).

I'm really looking forward to doing my next portrait of the immense Mr Clive Barker! So watch this space!

Well now, everyone have a good New Year's Eve and stay safe!
Gem xxx

P.S. Happy New Year all! And I hope 2013 brings happiness to everyone!