Monday, 31 December 2012

Our day will come...and we'll have everything!

Happy New Year's Eve one and all!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! Mine was nice and quiet with lots of food, just the way I like it!

Haven't done a great deal since Christmas, just chilled, eaten and enjoyed being off work! Although I have today just finished my latest portrait which is of the late great Ms Amy Winehouse. I've wanted to do a portrait of Amy Winehouse for years as she had the most fascinating face (from an artistic point of view) but I never got round to doing it, and I didn't want to do one round the time she passed away as I didn't want to give the impression that that was the reason that I was doing it, because she had died.

Anyway, here she is....

"You don't owe nothing to me, but to walk away, I have no capacity"

She really was a stunning looking woman before her unfortunate lifestyle took hold (no disrespect meant, I still think se was beautiful right up til the end, but obviously there's only so much a body can take).

I'm really looking forward to doing my next portrait of the immense Mr Clive Barker! So watch this space!

Well now, everyone have a good New Year's Eve and stay safe!
Gem xxx

P.S. Happy New Year all! And I hope 2013 brings happiness to everyone! 

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